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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 26, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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michel/2sho good saturday morning, a live look outside at san jose communications hill. the sun is coming up. it looks a little hazily. good morning, i'm michelle roberts with anthony slaughter. it was a little chilly this morning. >> it's not too bad. temperatures near 50. we are going to see a nice rebound near 70 degrees for most of us. we're going to see that sea breeze kick up. that wind is starting to show.
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46 in the north bay. 52 in san francisco. later this afternoon at the coastline, you'll notice the biggest difference. 66 today. . no 70s. a few clo low 70s for the inland valleys. and again there will be that nip in the air as you get going this afternoon because the sea breeze is reenforced and that's going to mean changes for your easter sunday. cooler weather and maybe even some showers by midweek. we'll talk about that in 15 minutes. nbc bay area has obtained two internal e-mails from the santa clara county sheriffs department that could shed new light on what triggered the fight inside the county jail. these documents are expected to be the first item of business at the commission meeting later this morning. one member of the commission says it plans to discuss what is an abrupt and unexplained change
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in jail policy and questions if that change brought racial tensions to a boiling point. you may remember madrch 3rd a near riot broke out at the jail. the documents we obtained show six days before that fight a memo was sent to the staff to abandon a safety policy u enacted in 2014 limiting the amount of time mixed race inmates could spend with each other. five days later the sheriff went shopping at costco and bought cameras with her own credit card that were then installed in the jail. then the next day the fight broke out. we spoke rick callendar and the jail commission and he says the documents are sure to raise a lot of questions. >> this doesn't look good. obviously, there was a release of the moem moe that said clearly there was problems with african-american and latino inmates in jails. and then after that there was another memo that said let's
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release them together and did not give a reason to withdraw the policy. it's suggesting there's larger problems. there's a crisis of leadership. i think we need federal oversight in the jail. we need change immediately. >> we had multiple conversations with the sheriff's department last night. other official response is no comment. developing in the east bay, an 8-year-old boy u is recovering this morning after being hit in the drive by shooting. he was shot in the upper body. police are looking for this man james gerard, allegedly connected to the shooting. he has a large tattoo on his neck. there's a $1 million warrant for his arrest. it happened at 6:00 last night u u. the boy was playing with other kids outside his home on lasalle avenue when a gunshot sent him to the hospital. many neighbor who is did not want to show their faces on
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camera are outraged and shaken up. >> bhie would you do that to a kid? or to anybody actually? >> my nephew and niece they play here too and it's scary. it's not something we want to happen. >> the 8-year-old is in stable condition at children's hospital in oakland. police say he is expected to survive. police in san francisco are asking for help to identify u the people in this surveillance video. it shows the violent mugging of a british tourist. it happened on february 18th on post street. the victim was robbed and stabbed. thursday night he died from his injuries. in the disturbing video, you can see him running from the robber. we froze the video before he is violently stabbed in the head. >> what you don't see is the fact that the suspect carried some type of unknown object and that object that created the blunt trauma to the body of the victim and to the head, which
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ultimately led to the surmise of the victim passing away yesterday. >> the suspect ran off with a female accomplice. police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. on the wrong side of the law, a 14-year veteran of the santa clara police force is accused of trying to sell stolen car parts. the investigation began when a man tried to buy an engine on craig craigslist. this is a picture from his facebook page. the buy er suspected the parts were stolen and investigators say green used a san jose garage to stow four engines each worth more than $15,000 and we talked to one of the neighbors who was in disbelief. >> i'm totally surprised. i had not heard anything about this. my interaction with them is he's always been and continue to be a very nice family. >> in a statement santa clara
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police chief said officer green has been put on paid administrative leave and his actions are not a true reflection of the hard working men and women of this department. this marks the department's third arrest of an officer in just the past year. last may sergeant thompson was arrested for exposing himself to a store manager. last july an officer was arrested after stealing a smart watch and as we told you officer green arrested for allegedly possessing a stolen car part. rattled nerves in brussels, heavily armed police are sweeping neighborhoods in the belgium capital looking for violent extremists. one of those raids was caught on cell phone video. you can see police approaching a man waiting for a tram. then he takes a woman hostage with a young child just steps away. police eventually shot the man in the leg. meanwhile we have learned two of
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the 31 people in the attacks were american. both died at the airport. while on the phone with her family in the u.s. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, tiny pieces of plastic raising big concerns tonight. the troubling trash washing up on our local beaches. just because you own property doesn't mean that you could just beyond the law. >> a neighborhood tiff over a tree. what's at the root of this fight and the unusual action the city took because of it.
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jose - cmunicions l a live look outside san jose. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. get ready for weekend woes. bart riders taking the fremont line can expect long delays.
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they are halting service between the bay area fair u station for maintenance. they will be replacing tracks and ties and can't be done at night so closures are planned for weekends. a bus bridge will be in place so you can plan ahead, but there should be some hour delays in some spots. as for the unplanned bart closures between the bay point and north concorde station, things are getting back to normal there. bart is returning to full full-time train service. engineers still can't figure out what caused the voltage spike that damaged 50 cars and caused huge slowdowns. it's called a nurd l and thousands of these pellets are washing up on beaches. they are dangerous to fish and birds and are just tiny u pieces of plastic. now a nonprofit group is taking action. members of the group save our shores think they are coming from cargo ships. they have seen them before but
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think the problem is worse this year because of el nino. >> el nino's role is it changes the ocean currents and the flow of the water. so we're getting this new current that's heavier bringing these little nurdles turning them up from wherever they were hiding and washing them ashore. >> volunteers say they first started showing up in january on beaches in santa cruz is monterey. if you see the pellets, help pick them up off the beach. the fight that earned its tree a restraining order and a new recognition from the city. on this easter weekend, waking up to some sunshine. lots of sunshine. not only from the south bay but even at the coastline. bright and sunny. we have a nice, warm weekend in store. we'll talk more about that forecast coming up right after this. francisc(adl)
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7:13, a live look outside san francisco. a beautiful view out there. and we will have the weather coming up. it's going to be a nice weekend. in need of extra cash from your tax return? the state tax board members say it may take longer this year. they are holding on to returns longer in order to prevent fraud, tax theft and other illegal activities. the crimes are becoming more common. >> it's frustrating, but it's not as frustrating if we sent that money to a fraudster. that could take months or years to get that resolved. >> the state's franchised tax board says so far this year they have issued $4.2 million refunds. the average refund is about $700. a single tree has become one of the hottest topics in san francisco. it's triggered a neighborhood fight involving restraining orders and now the city is
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involved. the issue is whether a homeowner is allowed to cut down a pine tree in the backyard of his home. >> reporter: this all began on cook street 11 months ago u. new homeowner dale rogers chopped down a few trees like this one. all of which were on his property. neighbors were immediately outraged saying the pine trees date back 100 years and make up the landscape and character of their neighborhood. >> just because you own property doesn't mean that you can just -- that's beyond the law. >> but at the time rogers didn't do anything wrong. none of the trees were recognized under the city's landmark ordinance. neighbors vowed to change that using restraining orders to protect the remaining tree until they could convince city leaders to save it. they got their wish. >> the urban forestry council
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voted in the landmark status, a move that the attorney sets a bad precedent. >> i'm more concerned about the message this is going to send particularly that developers or people with ill intent will go ahead and start removing trees in anticipation that this ordinance will be misused in this way. there are water problems in one of the bay area's biggest hospitals. this morning patients at john mooer medical center are drinking bottled water. they noticed a flex in the water supply late thursday night and still unclear what those flecks are. directors say the results should be in some time today but until then patients and staff are drinking bottled water. you can almost taste it. crab season finally began at midnight along our coast. but there's a catch. only a single fishing boat set
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sail from san francisco u. that fisherman is expected to catch crab to be tested for quality and determine if more boats go out. if all goes well after a four-month delay in the season, we can expect finally fresh crab from that area to arrive this weekend. let's check in with anthony slaughter. a lot of people want some good weather. >> it's going to be nice. we'll see a little cooldown tomorrow. it's been a little warm across the bay area. it will be perfect tomorrow. maybe just a light jacket at the coastline. we have a system to our north that's going to slide on in. that's going to cool us down as we move towards tomorrow. still it's going to be nice and bright. here's our hour by hour forecast. waking up to sunshine this morning. just a few high, thin clouds. by this afternoon, we'll top out near 70 degrees. still hanging out in the mid-up toker 60s across most of the day u. san francisco going to be one of those days you may need a light
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jacket because the winds will start to kick up by this afternoon. your hour by hour forecast does bring you up to 61 degrees for lunchtime. this afternoon hanging out in the low 60s. even as the sun starts to go down we'll go back to the 50s by this evening. 52 degrees in san francisco. a few clouds. temperatures cooler back to the 40. this afternoon we'll see highs very comfortable. 70 degrees for the peninsula. 69 today for the east bay. and 66 for san francisco. wine country will be nice and warm. tomorrow is easter. here is your sunrise service forecast if you're headed out early morning. maybe headed over to church and want to grab a jacket. 43 degrees. even san francisco going to be a chilly start. 48 for your sunrise. tomorrow south bay 45 degrees. it will rebound nicely towards the afternoon. temperatures in the 70s in some locations. things are going to change towards tomorrow. we have a system that's going to
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pass to the north that's going to reenforce the trough and bring in some showers by the middle part of the week. nothing really heavy, but we're talking about the potential of maybe light on and off showers towards wednesday night into thursday. in the meantime, the clouds are going to stream in for tomorrow and that's going to make for breezy conditions in intervools of sunshine for tomorrow. this is around lunchtime. you'll notice some sun and clouds towards the south bay. then by the evening the clouds really start to thicken up. that's going to make for bigger changes for monday and tuesday. cooler weather by then. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. we'll take you to the wind. look at half-moon bay between today and tomorrow. looking to gust anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour through tomorrow. keep that in mind. you'll notice the inland locations not too gusty, but half-moon bay, san francisco, really going to be breezy and that's going to make for the changes towards wednesday and thursday. for the futurecast, monday and
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tuesday we'll get a little bit of snow. but wednesday and thursday if you blink, you miss it. a slight chance of rain wednesday night and thursday morning. and maybe a tenth of an inch or less. we're going to continue this trend. 70s today for the south bay. cooler for tomorrow. even for the east bay. and the 60s are going to stay with us all the way u through this upcoming week and the trough gets reenforced and by wednesday that's when we'll have a chance for more showers but not looking like a huge storm system. enjoy the nice warm 70 degree sunshine for today. back to you. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, his work is anything but child's play. in today's bay area proud, we'll meet the boy who has a key role in helping the homeless. ==chellcu== discrimite age:too ny chilen ah
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homelessness does not chris dis criminate by age. too many children are phasfacedh housing struggles and a young man is doing what e he can to help. garvin thomas has the story this morning of our bay area proud. >> reporter: for such a young man, this 11-year-old has some big dreams. the one about playing in the nba one day will likely not surprise anyone. >> i saw people on the news that are dying because of being too cold. i just came down here and sat right where i'm sitting now. i just said we need to do something. >> what he came up with was
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raising money to buy u sleeping bags and handing them out to the home leless, which is exactly w he did. the first year 50 bags, the next year even more with no plans to slow down. >> i was hungry for more. i wanted to get more money, buy more sleeping bags, do more things. >> one of the things he did was contact the downtown streets team. a nonproduct with a great track helping the homeless find employment and eventually housing. >> i started listening to his pitch and how passionate he was. >> when he met the executive director, she explained they didn't need the sleeping bags. but perhaps they could use the time. she nominated him for the nonprofit's board of directors. >> i was stoked. i was really happy. >> ilene says electing an 11-year-old to a seat on the board could be seen as a
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marketing ploy, that is if the 11-year-old were not like him. >> he's already proven to be a fundraiser. secondly just talking to him, the ideas he had there were so many. >> he's a young man whose big dreams have already earned him a seat at the big table with nothing but room to grow. >> ilene says the best thing about having him around is the fresh perspective he brings to the meetings. often times he will come up with an idea and the adults in the room will look around at each other and say, why didn't we come up with that? garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> very impressive kid. if youknow of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. go to and search "bay area proud." much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, backlash over a law that appears to legalize discrimination in north carolina. san francisco say it is went send any employees to the tar heel state.
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now nba's mvp steph curry is weighing in. tell us what happened and took responsibility of your action. >> a family's plea to a hit-and-run driver. what they u plan to ask police today.
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hill . let's take a live look outside of you in san jose. communications hill, it's going to be a beautiful and sunny day. good morning, i'm michelle roberts. we have big problems tomorrow. i want to have a barbecue outside for the family. >> you and about 10 million others. >> tell us something good. >> it's going to be a nice weekend. 6 million here.
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2 million. you can see we're waking up to a little haze there in the lens. highs in the 60s at the coastline. the east bay will be around 69. a little bit warmer for our inland valleys. 73 for the south bay. thicks do cool down a little bit. we'll have a few 70s on the board. an 8-year-old boy is recovering this morning after being hit in a drive by shooting. he was shot in the neck. police are looking for this man.
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the shooting happened in concorde. many neighbors who did not want to show their faces on camera are outraged and shaken up. >> why would you do that to a kid? or to anybody actually? >> my nephew and niece play here too. it's scary. it's not something that i wanted to happen. >> the 8-year-old is in stable condition at children's hospital in oakland. police say he is expected to survive. police in san francisco are asking for help to identify the people in this surveillance video. it shows the violent mugging of a british tour iist. it happened on february 18th. the victim was robbed and
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stabbed. in this disturbing video you can see him running from the robber. >> the suspect carried some type of unknown object. it's that object that created the blunt trauma, which ultimately led to the surmise of the victim passing away yesterday. >> the suspect ran off with a female accomplice. police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to their arrest. to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area u. week bfrs his 30th wedding anniversary a father is killed by a hit-and-run driver. now his family is speaking out hoping the driver will be identified. jean elle has their emotional story. >> i feel like part of me is gone because my dad is gone.
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>> a hit-and-run driver killed 63-year-old near his home in china town. police still looking for the driver of the van. the driver hit him as he crossed around broadway on march 11th. lee can't believe the driver left her father in the street. >> he still wants to have that person to be there next to him. >> redesigning aspects to have larger strips where people can take refugee because it's such a
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wide street. >> lee is hoping drivers will slow down. she's grateful donations to help pay for her father's memorial are pouring in on a gofundme page but she wants the driver of the van to come forward. >> show yourself and tell us what happened. took responsibility of your actions. nbc bay area news. in the east bay less than two days after his release there's already a petition. people in concorde want a sexually violent predator moves oud of town. robert bates was released this week as a transient. he's living in motels while under police supervision. police have called saying they have seen bates in the downtown area but they can't do anything since he's not wanted for any crimes. new details on a story we first told you about thursday night. we learn ed this man an accused child molester was involved in
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youth sports. now police say there are three more confirmed victims bringing the total to four. officers say garcia was an assistant coach. he was also involved in the boy scouts currently his alleged victims are extended family members, but police fear the number of victims could grow. turning to the terror attacks in brussels. several california college basketball stars talking about the fallout after witnessing the attacks from inside the brussels airport. the players were not far from the blast site. the three men were in europe playing professional basketball. elyce kirchner has more on how they are coping and what's changed in the days since the attacks. >> reporter: it's been four days since these three players barely escaped the bombing. >> it's hard to think about. >> reporter: they have just returned from playing a basketball game in italy.
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>> there was maybe 15, 20 police officers in uniform at the game just walking around. that's something that we haven't seen too much of. >> reporter: he's a former saint mary's basketball star. they are among five americans playing pro basketball for the giants just outside of brussels. the team was at the airport about to fly to italy when he had a gut feeling something wasn't right in the departure area u. he said they needed to leave. >> we clearly walked through security. that's when it happened. >> you look up and people are starting to kind of run towards the exit of the airports trying to get outside. everything happened so fast. >> they all ran as quickly as they could seeing the injured
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including sebastian, a former basketball player who also happened to be at the airport. the three made it out and a team bus met them a few miles away. >> we took a bus at midnight that night after the bombings. >> now back in brussels, they are staying because leaving would be giving into the terrorists. >> if you stop living your lives daily, they get what they want. >> elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. he made the wrong choice. that's what the father of so-called bearded bandit is saying about his son's suspected crimes. kenneth ellis remains in custody accused of 11 bank robberies in northern california. on wednesday he was spotted in a safeway store in brentwood. someone recognized him and called police. officers arrested him and his father tells us ellis owned a struggling business in modesto. >> i don't know if he felt
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trapped because he couldn't pay his employees or what made him do it. >> ellis is being held at the jail in martinez. bail is set at $100,000. another gun is stolen from law enforcement in san francisco. it's a problem we have documented again and again with stolen weapons being used in major crimes. this time the san francisco home of a sheriffs deputy is burglarized. the thief got away with gun badge and bullet proof vest. the deputy reported the theft yesterday morning and they are very concerned about someone trying to impersonate an officer. the ripple effect of a new law in north carolina is being felt here in the bay area. mayor ed lee is barring officials from traveling to that state. there were protests across north carolina yesterday against a new antidiscrimination law that deliberately excludes the lgbt community. the city of charlotte is set to
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host the 2017 nba all-star game. the league said, quote, we are deeply concerned this discriminatory law runs counter to our guiding pls of equality and mutual respect. warrior star steph curry is a charlotte native and spoke out about the issue. >> hopefully they can figure it out. it's really important for the city of charlotte. sure we can figure that out. >> two bay area u tech companies apple and facebook have also publicly condemned the law. much more ahead on today in the bay. speaking of steph curry, another game, another record set. the warriors shoot their way into the nba history books. highlights are next.
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sold o crowwatch thewarrio take
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==miclle/c= only0 another sold out crowd watched the warriors take another step towards history last night. only ten games remain in the regular season. they need to win eight of those to break the nba record of 72 wins set by the bulls. the warriors hosting the mavericks. the splash brothers put on a show combining 14 threes. >> it's pretty sweet. the game is kind of changing. we're on the forefront of that. our team's shooting ability is second to none.
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as long as we trust each other and get good shots and knock them down. with momentum and i hope they keep going in if i get the opportunity. >> it's a step closer to officially becoming the home of the raiders for at least another year. the coliseum's joint powers authority approved a new deal yesterday, which will cost the raiders more money. last year the team paid just under a million for rent. this year $3.5 million. oakland and alameda county leaders still u have to sign off on the deal, which is considered to be a formality at this point. the raiders are still looking for a permanent new home. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, a look at one man's odd solution to crazy rent prices in the bay area u. wait until you see this. the sunrise this morning is pretty spectacular. nothing crazy about today's forecast.
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nice and sunny. but tomorrow we have easter plans it will be a little cooler and breezy. we'll talk about that and a lock at the seven-day forecast coming up.
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welcome back mere on this saturday. time to get you up to speed on your saturday forecast. you can see this morning we have nothing but clear skies. no fog out there and we're not going to see much in terms of cloud cover. tomorrow things do switch up a bit. we have a trough that's going to dig the western half of the country. that's going to mean for cooler conditions and breezy for tomorrow as well. your hour by hour forecast for today. nothing but sunshine. that's all we're talking about. temperatures warming nicely in san jose. we'll briefly hit 70 this afternoon between 3:00 and 4:00 before temperatures start to fall back into the 60s towards sunset. same for san francisco. nothing but sunshine there as well. we'll see temperatures right near 61 degrees for lunchtime and maybe get up to 62 degrees and then temperatures falling
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back to the 50s this evening as we head towards sunset. the rest of the bay area is going to see sunshine all day long. really not going to see much in terms of cloud cover today. 70 for the peninsula. 69 for the east bay. 66 for downtown san francisco. 75 for the north bay. for tomorrow it's easter sunday. your sunday morning forecast does keep things cool. you definitely need the jacket in place for places like the north bay. san francisco, 48. it will cool off a little bit. we're not expecting much in terms of anything much cooler than that. the middle part of the week will bring temperatures to the 60s. we'll see temperatures back into the low 60s and expecting to see some sunshine towards the rest of the week. i want to show you the futurecast. you'll see what i'm talking about towards the next few days. we are expected to see temperatures staying cool and we'll see a few more clouds towards monday and tuesday. it does look like we have some friends in this morning. some noises in the background.
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let's show you the futurecast. this is what we're expecting. you'll notice temperatures again staying cool today. tomorrow, winds start to kick up. that's going to make for gusty conditions at the coastline. really all day long it's going to be gusty. 15 to 30-mile-per-hour gusts expected in half-moon bay. the rest of the area is not going to be that gusty. not expecting much in terms of gusty conditions. at least for places like the trivalue and south bay. it will be nice and sunny with a few passing clouds for tomorrow. winds will start to kick up tomorrow. that's all we're tracking for your weekend forecast. by wednesday and thursday, we'll see changes. temperatures start to cool off. maybe a brief shower. not talking about much. you'll notice that extended forecast really doesn't show much in terms of rainfall. not until wednesday. so until then a little cooldown. temperatures in the 60s. >> super dad, anthony. much more ahead coming up. >> i don't want to live in a city that doesn't have a vibrant
7:48 am
artsture. >> ensuring artists have a place to create in the city. even as rents continue to skyrocket, the good news for san francisco's art scene. goldegate idge(adl)
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=michle/vohas it allcome thisto a live look outside. a beautiful shot that's cleared this morning. it's going to be a nice mild day. has it really come to this? the bay housing crisis so bad one man has built a so-called
7:51 am
bedroom pod inside a living room. saving hundreds on rent. today in the bay's christie smith has more from san francisco where one man says pod living is the way to go. >> this is my bedroom and as you can probably tell it's a pod. >> peter says he's subletting but it's not a typical unit. he turned a space in the living room into a personal pod. in san francisco where rents are sky high he's paying just $400 a month. >> at the end of the day i'm doing this just because it makes a lot of sense for me. i'm paying just low rent and don't have any responding qualidrop in quality of life. >> three bedrooms, four roommates and the freelance illustrato illustrator. it sometimes meant explaining to friends why he would make one. >> i'm building a box to live in. so i kind of was just try to add
7:52 am
as many things that make it as at least depressing as possible. >> it fits a twin bed, skylight and storage for clothes. >> it's ready to use. >> it has a desk. it's 8 feet by 3 1/2 feet and 4 feet tall. >> i have always been fascinated by japanese capsule hotels. >> the cost is $1300 in materials and tools offering privacy in a city where space comes at a premium. >> if i can keep building these, i would love to. we have all heard stories about artists and galleries forced out by rising rents. this week san francisco's artists got a bit of a good news. we show you how some will have a new home. >> there's not a week that goes
7:53 am
by that i don't get an e-mail saying i moved back home. >> reporter: there are plenty of horror stories. katherine wagner has heard many of them. >> so many artists have had to leave the bay area because of the cost of rising rents. >> reporter: but at least wagner's latest art piece has found a home. >> i made these various configurations f you will. >> reporter: it's on the wall of the new venue for art lovers and inspired by the minnesota street project. >> these are actually pieces of the venting air-conditioning systems. >> reporter: this 100,000-square foot furniture repair shop is getting a new life. this rebirth is courtesy of the art collecting entrepreneurs. >> it's the public building of the minnesota street project. >> they bought this building with the idea of creating a secure home for at least some of the city's orphaned art galleries priced out of downtown. >> i don't want to live in a
7:54 am
city that doesn't have a vibrant arts culture. we have done very well in this area. and it's our responsibility to give back. >> reporter: along with the main building and its dozen new galleries, they are turning a warehouse across the street into studios. >> we're providing below market rent to our galleries and artists. we're trying to solve at least a sliver of the real estate problem. >> the story of this affordable gallery stands out against the usual tails coming from the city's struggling art scene. it's allowing artists and gallery owners to actually focus on art. >> this is really the forum for galleries to show the art and maybe not have to deal so much with the rest of the mechanics. >> i think this is an encouragement for artists s ts stay in the bay area. >> the project will become self-sustaining and she hopes others with an eye for art and a mind for business will open similar spaces. >> i think people have started
7:55 am
to realize that maybe the light at the end of the tunnel isn't the train coming at them. there might be some hope. >> nbc bay area news. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up, first president obama and now the stones. mcjagger and the boys got some satisfaction last night in an island nation that once banned rock music. oute"wellt's allllriiigghhh." t
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firsgig sce thgoverentonce nned for the first time ever the rolling stones performed a concert in havana, cuba. this is the island's first gig since the government once banned rock music. hundreds of thousands of cubans gathered last night to enjoy the free show. >> it's a great honor. it's fantastic. it's exciting. huge british band. it's going to be the biggest concert probably ever in havana.
7:58 am
it's massively exciting and i think lots of cubans are really buzzing about this. >> we really enjoyed it. i personally cried. >> even some foreigners flew in for the occasion. members of the rolling stones says historic concert is another sign of the change in cuba. the day before easter, this is very fitting. a big bunny is asking for some help. take a look at this rabbit. his breed is a phlegmish giant and for good reason. it weighs over 20 pounds. the rabbit was just adopted by the spirited sanctuary, but he needs a name. volunteers plan to take the bunny on visits to elderly care facilities. >> everybody is very interested in him. probably due to his size. he is the hit right now. especially he's the new guy. so he's getting all the eyes. >> they are accepting submissions for names right now. before we go, we have to give a
7:59 am
shout out to anthony's two kids are here. >> you might have heard earlier. >> he's been balancing them both with the newscast. thank you for joining us anding us part of your morning.
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